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The Corporate Refinery helps global and mid-sized organizations shift how they develop elite performers in order to build a solid leadership pipeline, retain top-tier talent, and positively impact their bottom line.

We specialize in eradicating stale perspectives and retooling systems with modern methods that enhance communication and executive presence that together drive performance and sustain excellence across the organization.

What separates The Corporate Refinery from other learning and development consulting firms, and coaching and training organizations is how our solutions align growth strategy and leadership competency with today’s real-world factors.

Colleen Hauk, founder and CEO, is a sought-after communications expert and keynote speaker. She and her team produce custom-tailored programs that give leaders and teams the necessary hardcore, tactical skills along with the soft skills of executive presence to drive maximize results.

Colleen Hauk


Colleen Hauk, founder and CEO of The Corporate Refinery, is a sought-after communications expert and keynote speaker with a passion for developing top talent and helping companies grow their leadership pipeline. In 15 years as a corporate executive, she learned first-hand the impact communication can have on individuals, teams and a company’s bottom line when executed well.  She also saw the powerful missed opportunities when communication went poorly.

Colleen has a background in education and business development, most notably as a team leader for a shopper intelligence and media company. Today, she focuses on helping global and mid-sized organizations shift how they develop high-performers and leaders to build a solid leadership pipeline, retain top-tier talent, and sustain excellence across the organization through maximizing their skills in communication and executive presence.

Over the past two decades, Colleen has studied human behavior, elite performance, leadership, and communication. Her expansive background coupled with an inspirational approach gives her the unique skillset to produce and deliver custom-tailored programs that give leaders and teams the necessary hardcore, tactical skills along with the soft skills to drive maximize results..

Colleen is also an executive coach and the co-author of two books, including the bestseller, Women Who Ignite. She’s the creator of the popular LinkedIn Learning course, Improving Your Leadership Communications. She is a multiple-time contributor to Forbes and delivered her keynotes and trainings to Fortune 500 companies and organizations such as Dell, Pfizer, Panasonic, Merck, and New York Life.

Colleen currently serves on the Advisory Board for University of California, Riverside Women in Leadership Program. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Human Services from California State University, Fullerton, a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from California Polytechnic University, Pomona, and Certified Professional Coaching certificate from Success Coach Institute.



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Case Studies



As a result of COVID-19, professionals in this global tech corporation were forced to quickly pivot from face-to-face to on-camera interactions. Organizations witnessed a tremendous gap in the ability to captivate and influence others in a virtual setting in order to drive change, sales, and overall results.


We developed and delivered a custom-tailored virtual masterclass teaching strategies on how to enhance executive presence and strengthen communication skills to successfully influence in a virtual environment.


Participants of our masterclass immediately implemented the strategies to demonstrate elite professionalism, create powerful and meaningful connections, deliver presentations with greater confidence, and meet their urgent goals in a virtual environment.

“Colleen’s Masterclass on Pivoting from In-Person to Virtual was a game changer for me.  The class taught me several important concepts around using the virtual medium to create a higher impact connection with my audience.  Colleen also provided many practical but powerful tips on how to adjust my virtual work environment to deliver a more polished and professional look.  I feel much better about my on-video presence, which is really helping me present and deliver my message with much greater confidence.”

Leasa Neaves, Director, Dell Technologies

Talent Management


A global company, a global problem. From new hires through seasoned veterans, management struggled with the proper approach and processes to address talent needs over the course of the employee life cycle. As a result, employees became disengaged, demonstrated an unwillingness to take ownership, and lowered performance outcomes.


To deliver a multi-layered training that would support the need for a new and effective talent management strategy.


Our multi-layered training method provided management the ability to deliver a clear and consistent message of expectations across the entire global team. It supported them in creating a sustainable and adaptable approach to building a talent management strategy and in designing a career development strategy tailored to team members’ individual talent needs and stages of their careers resulting in a highly engaged workforce.

“I must sincerely thank you for delivering excellent and tailored professional learning and career development training for my department. The training you provided expanded the team members’ professional skillset to adapt to ever-changing environments. You took the time to listen and understand our concerns and skillsets necessary for the Team to perform their roles and responsibilities.”

Olga Alfieri, Senior Director, Eisai Inc.



For several years, management of a global healthcare corporation observed a decline in employee professionalism through a lack of internal motivation and excuse-oriented behavior. While training was offered in the past to support hard skill growth, there was a gap in soft skills to support new behaviors that would benefit both the employee and the organization.


To elevate professionalism, leadership presence, and communication style across a global team.


Our learning and development training expanded the global team members’ professional skillset to adapt to their ever-changing environments. The team improved its leadership, communication, and collaboration skillsets discernable by both direct managers and senior leadership.

“As my executive coach, Colleen has helped me tremendously grow from a regional leader to a national leader in my company. The growth in my leadership capabilities has been exponential and I would not be where I am today without her.”

-Laura Straznicky, Vice President, Engle Martin

Employee Engagement & Retention


We partnered with a pharmaceutical company to create a customized program to engage and retain top talent.


The organization was experiencing higher than average turnover while simultaneously data from a company-wide survey highlighted challenge areas including lack of recognition, unclear opportunities for growth, and gender-biased promotions.


Our team collaborated with senior management to clearly understand their concerns along with consideration of the skillsets necessary for the team to perform their roles and responsibilities. The team became more engaged, productive, and highly motivated with greater personal satisfaction which helped retain their most valuable employees.

“From our initial conversation Colleen immediately understood our goal of what we wanted to accomplish in setting up a comprehensive development program for our direct reports. I highly recommend reaching out to Colleen to discuss training needs or concerns as she is extremely flexible and resourceful when it comes to tailoring development programs at any level. New hires found the material as engaging and insightful as did our seasoned, director level veterans.”

-Valerie Bartlett, Associate Director, Eisai Inc.


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