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Companies can lose up to $50,000 per employee every year due to miscommunication, often leading to individual mistakes, missed deadlines, and obstacles that prevent achieving team goals. Now more than ever, effective communication is the cornerstone to determine organizational performance.

Colleen Hauk, Founder and CEO of The Corporate Refinery, combines her 25-year leadership experience with her communications expertise to transform confusion into clarity. Join Colleen as she gives you the strategies to convert your well-intentioned communication into one that delivers impactful outcomes and drives your organization and business forward.

Key Takeaways:
  • Craft compelling statements to garner understanding and clearly convey your message.
  • Elevate confidence and connection to gain alignment and reach your objective.
  • Adapt your communication to capture immediate attention and buy-in.

You’ve been promoted in the past and your recent performance reviews remain strong. But it seems that no matter what you do, you’re stuck inside the promotional pipeline, unable to get to the next level .

Colleen Hauk, Founder and CEO of The Corporate Refinery, combines her 15-year corporate leadership experience with her communications expertise to elevate executives and transform them into senior leaders. Join Colleen as she gives you the strategies to finally breakthrough the promotional pipeline!

Key Takeaways:
  • Break down the barriers of traditional promotion tactics to go after what you truly desire.
  • Uncover the hidden culprit that’s secretly distracting you and stealing your time and energy from getting promoted.
  • Create a compelling plan to communicate with your manager and launch into immediate action.
  • Establish a protocol to identify the root causes of attrition across the leadership bench.

Did you know that 38% of new leaders outright fail in the first 18 months? It’s no surprise when research shows that most companies do not train their managers until an average of 9 years after they’ve been promoted. Yet Gallup states that 70% of the variance in team engagement is determined solely by the manager. Leadership development is essential, not only for the manager’s success, but because it’s the key to engaging and retaining top-talent.

Through her own 20-year personal leadership journey and ongoing research, Colleen Hauk, Founder and CEO of The Corporate Refinery, has developed “The 5-Star Leader”, to help you become the confident, effective leader you were meant to be. Be prepared to be inspired and empowered to become the manager who leaves a legacy that lives on beyond their time!

Attendees will be able to immediately implement proven strategies to:
  • To immediately create real connection whether in-person or virtual.
  • Key elements to demonstrate their level of professionalism to influence others.
  • Effective communication ideas they can begin doing right now.

Executive teams consisting of both men and women are more likely to have above-average profitability, yet women left the workforce at a 27% higher attrition rate than men in 2020. And still, more women are considering leaving the workplace or downshifting their careers, equating to as many as 2 million women who could leave corporate America. With female leaders leaving, we are stalling organizational profits and overall economic growth!

After suffering burnout and her own breaking point, Colleen Hauk, Founder and CEO of The Corporate Refinery, transformed her situation and developed successful methods for living what she now calls the ‘and’ life – having a powerful career and extraordinary personal life. Colleen sees first-hand the reality of how work and life are more blended than ever, and she uses her experience, research and proven strategies to take burned-out female executives and turn them into top-tier women leaders.

Attendees will be able to immediately implement proven strategies to:
  • Assess their current circumstances and discover where immediate transformation is needed.
  • Design their life to cultivate resilience and circumvent burnout in the workplace.
  • Reclaim their power to meet the demands of an elite performer inside and outside the office.


Improving Your Leadership Communications

To be an effective leader, you need to learn how to communicate clearly. In this course, leadership expert Colleen Hauk, shows you how to become a precise and powerful communicator.

Colleen first explains how to set yourself up for success by knowing the basics and exploring emotional intelligence. She then provides guidance on creating a connection and tapping into the senses of your audience. She also shows how to engage in dialogue, remain curious, and align your communication to specific goals.

Finally, Colleen shares tips on effective communication in different circumstances, from one-on-one meetings, to group discussions, an d virtual meetings. Upon completing this course, you’ll feel confident in your ability to communicate effectively as a leader.

A Leader's Guide to Reducing Team Burnout

Burnout is everywhere. It’s hard to find a more pervasive problem for employees in today’s work world. So, what’s a leader to do? How can you continue to drive results when your team is completely burnt out? In this course, tenured leader and executive coach Colleen Hauk shares insights and practical advice on how you can combat burnout for your team.

Explore some of the high-level details of burnout, including what it is, why it happens, what the signs are that your team is experiencing it, and how you can step in to intervene. Discover the importance of taking care of yourself as a leader and modeling anti-burnout behaviors for your team. Colleen shows you how to better engage with specific individuals and tailor your approach to fit everyone’s unique needs. Along the way, find out how to use some of her preferred leadership tools to help support your team’s overall well-being—fanning brightness, not burnout.

Custom-tailored Programs & Workshops

We co-create learning and development solutions that align growth strategy and leadership competency with today’s real-world factors. We introduce modern methods that enhance communication and executive presence, that together drive performance and sustain excellence across the organization.

We help you build a solid leadership pipeline, retain your top-tier talent, and positively impact your bottom line.

We Deliver Solutions in These Key Areas:
  • Enhancing Communication
  • Elevating Professional/Executive Presence
  • Presentation Coaching
  • Emerging and Executive Leadership
  • Embracing Change
  • Creating Cohesive Cultures
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • High Performance

Executive Coaching

Become the leader you know you truly are inside. Do you want to improve your performance in critical areas, overcome obstacles or barriers, grow and develop your leadership skills, or amplify your professional trajectory, executive coaching is an excellent way to reach these goals. This is a space to meet one-on-one in a safe and supported yet structured to challenge you.

We will assess your current competencies, see how you’re perceived by others, clarify goals, and focus on the appropriate action steps.

executive coaching

5-Star Society

Accelerate your professional and personal success with the 5-Star Society, an invitation-only program that offers you the practical strategies and support from a network of other executive women in order to move beyond what you believe is even possible.

Research shows that companies with female top executives perform better. Yet, women face a variety of unique challenges that require practical strategies and a network of other professional women to navigate in today’s business world.

By using our signature process and co-mentoring community, you will elevate your professional expertise and skills, access unique ideas, expand your network, become an elite performer inside and outside the office, and accelerate results for you and your company.

Members engage in and have access to Executive Masterclasses, Implementation Labs, Society Socials, Office Hours, and a Community Platform.


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