I am in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I’ve never been to Wisconsin before. Admittedly, it was not easy to get here, but it is absolutely beautiful! The people here are lovely. My Uber driver was telling me all these great spots that I could eat, and I’m thinking, “I’ll be lucky if I see more than the hotel and the convention center.” But nevertheless, I’m thrilled to be here.

This is my fourth conference in six weeks geared toward women in leadership, and this has just been a phenomenal experience. I have to tell you, this conference has to be sold out; I mean, this morning in the main session, there were women still looking for chairs even as the initial session started. And then in my session alone, it was standing room only; there was a line out the door, they had to bring chairs in, women were still standing against the walls. And I share that with you because I was presenting on the “and” life – how to have that powerful career and extraordinary personal life.

And to be standing room only tells me, it proves to me that women still want to have these powerful careers, yet they are still suffering from burnout; they are still challenged by this.

And so I am so grateful I had an opportunity to share the strategies about the “and” life, to help retain those women in their workplaces and provide them tools so they can thrive. But more importantly, afterward when I had a chance to speak with so many of them, they shared the impact that being at this conference in person has had on them; that not only hearing my stories, but being able to share stories with each other. We talk a lot at The Corporate Refinery about offering training, and if you are not investing in getting your emerging leaders, your executive women, your high potential leaders across the board, if you are not investing in getting them into developmental conferences such as this, you are missing the boat.

It shows them that you care about their growth and development, which in turn allows them to be more connected to your organization and to your team. But also, so many of the women were sharing what they were going to bring back to their company. So it has that trickle-down effect. I just wanted to remind you, especially as we are coming out of COVID and being able to be back in person, the absolute power of attending conferences like this. So organizations, leaders, find ways that you can support your employees and give them, provide them these opportunities for the development and mental growth.

So much power for the individual, the organization, and the team. Message me, I’d love to hear what is coming up on your development agenda. This is what we are focused on. We here are forging new paradigms for women and what leadership means in today’s world, and I’d love to hear from you!