Whether you’re seeking a new job or you’re vying for that next promotion, there is one skill that you absolutely need to become not just efficient at, but really effective at. It’s the one skill I have been telling my kids since they were little that they need to become superstars at.

It’s going to be the skill that would set them apart no matter what industry, no matter what profession they went into. And with the continued advancement with technology and AI, this is the skill that will set you apart from those other job seekers, those others looking for the promotion at your organization.

What is it? Communication.

On the flip side, about 20% of people in general, and then 50% of the younger generations, those ages 18 to 35, have shared that they’ve lost out on an opportunity because of poor communication. Whether it’s because their skillset wasn’t high enough, or they had miscommunication. Nearly 50% of our younger generations are not embracing the soft skill of communication, and they’re losing out on opportunities.

When we look at job descriptions, about 28% of them have it as a skill, being highly effective in communication. So I challenge you, as you might be thinking, “I don’t really need to be a public speaker, I don’t necessarily need to present, my communication via the written word is pretty on par,” I’m going to challenge you. Look, if you want to stay where you’re at, great, go right ahead and just lean into some of the other technological hard skills, and you’ll be fine.

But if you are truly looking to accelerate where you’re at professionally, you must improve your communication skills. It is something that we can always get better at. Again, whether that’s the written word or how we verbalize it, or just even how we approach it.

Communication. So I encourage you – that’s what I do over here, unlocking that X factor to elevate communication and performance in individuals. Comment below, I’d love to share more with you as you look to accelerate your professional journey!