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When You Shouldn’t Email

What’s with that email? Have you ever received an email that caused you to feel overwhelmed? I recently saw an extreme case of exactly this! With this example, I share a good rule of thumb if you or your team

How to Deal with Angry People

I just can’t take it! Early in my career, I found myself coaching one of my direct reports on how to handle an angry client. Although this happened years ago, I hear similar situations again and again across organizations I

Tips to Ask for What You Want

Ask for what you want! Concerned you sound selfish? Think you might appear weak? Doubt that you’ve earned the right? These may be some of the reasons you’ve held back from asking for what you want. Find out why you

The One Thing for Success

I walked 60 miles! Over 20 years ago I participated in a 60-mile walk. The one thing I did NOT do is the one thing that would’ve made my experience much more successful. Turns out, that one thing is THE

You’re Just Like a Streaming Service!

The first 31 days of 2024 are over! Ever wish you could have a do-over? Well, you can! Find out why you’re just like your favorite streaming platform!

The Power of One Word

Want to profoundly shift your intent and create better impact for you and others? Change this one word and uncover the results for yourself. One word can change everything!

Should Everyone Develop Leadership Skills?

Should everyone develop leadership skills? I’m often asked this question – most often when we’re co-creating a learning engagement for an organization or a team. I can certainly understand why they question if it’s worth the investment to offer leadership

False Start for the Win

Slammed my car trunk onto my head and had a violent case of the norovirus. Way to kick off 2024! This reminded me of when I spoke at a conference where another speaker shared about her high school days of

The Trifecta of Elite Leaders

My kids learned this at ages 10 and 6. It all began with my son, Ethan, in sixth grade after attending a laser tag birthday party. It was the opportunity I had to share with him what will set him

Self-Promote without Bragging

Maybe you’re great at promoting and giving accolades to others, especially family and friends that you’re close to, but how about promoting the person you’re closest to – YOU! If you’re like many professionals, you may resist self-promotion for a

Gen Z Surprises Us with In-Person Preferences

Gen Z surprises us with their in-person preference! I was shocked to learn that the majority of Gen Z prefer in-person contact. However, there’s a massive disconnect in the workforce between this and what managers experience. Can you guess what it is?Find

Creating More Time to Amplify Your Thinking

It’s not simply about delegating. Visionary thinking is a leadership must – yet, I hear from too many leaders that they’re consistently pulled into the day-to-day, leaving little time for this level of thinking. Based upon a coaching session with


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