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Three Barriers to Effective Communication

Now more than ever, effective communication is the cornerstone to determine individual, team, and overall organizational performance. To be an effective communicator means that you’re able to influence others to make a decision and move in the direction you choose. Discover

Speak Anywhere to Anyone

Whether it’s to one person or a crowd of thousands, most people have a fear of presenting to others (aka, public speaking). Yet, it’s something we’re required to do at some point, if not on a semi-regular basis. What’s the

Avoid This Communication Mistake

Stop making this mistake in your communication! Ever have a peer talk over you during a meeting? Or a direct report miss a deadline? Or possibly a senior leader is suddenly short and rude to you? In situations such as

Focus Upskilling on This One Area

Where you should upskill. I was curious to see what the session topics were at the conference I spoke at earlier this week. Can you guess what category they fell into? Well, watch this video to find out, but more

How Can a Mentor Accelerate Women in Leadership?

Mentors can turn into more! A common mistake we see is that women are over-mentored and under-sponsored. But after spending time at the Sundance Resort in Utah with my mentor, Bo Eason, I was reminded of a key element in

The Strength Behind Invisibility

The best may be invisible. Two of the most well-known leaders, the two that many would’ve assumed were considered the best in the organization, were not the ones cited when I asked my peers to name their favorite. In fact,

You May Be Quiet Firing Without Realizing It

I was bullied by my boss! He used this tactic as his way of attempting to quietly fire me. Let’s just say, it didn’t end up in his favor! While my manager’s actions were intentional and horrific, what I find

The Trifecta of Elite Leaders

The trifecta of elite leaders. It all began with Ethan, my son, in sixth grade after attending a laser tag birthday party. It was the opportunity I had to share with him what will set him apart now and in

Which Teams Perform Best

The dreaded team meeting! Every team has a team meeting, right? No matter the cadence, most teams have a regular meeting for a variety of objectives. But I’m curious…how effective are your meetings and your team? Here I share best

Always-On GPS

GPS even if you know where you’re going. For over 20 years, I’ve driven from my home to my parent’s home, the home I grew up in as a child, yet I always check my GPS. Why? The same reason

Check Those Emotions

Following a client meeting, my manager shared feedback on my presentation. It’s not what I was expecting to hear. What happens when you’re in these situations, receiving information that you don’t really want to hear? How do you save face

Maximize Your Leadership Time in the Office

You better max that time in the office! My husband, Matt, commutes nearly 60 miles to the office – ONE WAY! So you better believe if he’s going to spend time on the road driving nearly 120 miles for one


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